Wednesday, August 3, 2011

::Ayat Cinta Yg Cute :)

Boy: Hey I’ve got two words to say.

Girl: What?


Girl: Huh.. Isn’t that 3 words?

Boy: No! Because (U) And (I) Are One


GirL: How many hours a day do you think of me?

BOy: 16 hours .

Girl: What? what about the remaining 8 hours?

BoY: The other 8 is when I'm dreaming of you in my sleep ♥


Regular heartbeat : /\_/\_/\_/\_/\_/\_

When I'm with you : /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

When I lost you : /\____________


Guy - Can I c0nfess s0mething?
Girl - Sure!
Guy - You've the prettiest smile I`ve ever seen ? ..
Girl - Can I confess s0mething as well?
Guy - Yeahh.
Girl - This smile only exists because 0f y0u =]


Boy: Hey girl! Is your name Google.?

Girl: No-But why..?

Boy: bcoz you have all the things I’m searching for….


F.A.M.I.L.Y is One Of The Strongest Words Anyone Can Say,Because The Letters of FAMILY Means:

F= Father
A= And
M= Mother
I= I
L= Love
Y= You. (:


Girl : What time do you go to sleep?

Boy : Only when you go to sleep.

Girl : Why only when I sleep?

Boy : Cause then I'll have no reason to be awake...


camne U nak eja "C_NTA" kalau takde "i". camne U nak eja "R_NDU" kalau takde "i" . camne pula U nak eja "H_DUP" tanpa "i . sebab tu la dalam hati U kene sentiasa ade "i" supaya "i" x hilang & jangan lupakn "i" . so , kena la sayang "i" selalu